The year is 2016 and racism is alive and well.  While America seems to have the largest racism profile these days we can’t forget about the other first world countries that treat their people like dirt. Over here in Canada we have more than enough to be embarrassed about before we start pointing fingers to the south. Similarly, Australia has long grappled with the marginalization and poor treatment of their indigenous population.

“Black Face” is the first single off a new EP called “Black Thoughts” from Australian MC, Ziggy Fatnowna.

This video begins with the audio from a news show where a woman defends her actions to dress her child in blackface as a part of a costume depicting a Fijian athlete. This child went on to win best costume.  You can get a good primer on Australia’s’ weird fascination with blackface here. This is another good article about this. The video takes it from there and breaks down the issue in a far more eloquent way than I can attempt.

This 3 song EP is amazing. The old school hip hop beats sound so fresh and the vocal delivery passionate and exciting. “White Lies” in particular is crazy good. Let’s hope there’s a lot more from where this came from!

Check out the rest of the EP on Soundcloud, or below, to hear more from this exciting new voice.