Hamilton’s Young Rival have released a really impressive new video to kick off 2017.”Elevator” is a track from their late 2016 release ‘Interior Light’ – find that album here.

In an age when music videos can be banged out in an afternoon it is always noteworthy when you see something different that treats the music video as a genuine form of artistic expression. This gorgeous video was incredibly labour intensive and took three years to complete.

From the band:
“This video was digitally shot and edited, and then printed out frame by frame on dot matrix printers, and re-scanned to achieve the final result. Conceptually the video was heavily inspired by the work of Canadian animation pioneer Norman McLaren – specifically his work Pas De Deux“.

Directed and edited by John Smith
Dancing and choreography by Alex Ashley.
Additional videography by Brendan McCarney.
Hand processing by Young Rival.