Wintersleep and Hannah Georgas Interview Each Other

What would happen if musicians left the blogger out of the equation and just interviewed each other?
We took this opportunity to flip the script and have tourmates Hannah Georgas and Wintersleep interview each other before they hit the stage. The two titans of Canadian music scene are playing some shows together.  Both acts have wonderful albums out right now that you should definitely check out. Hannah Georgas released ‘Evelyn‘ recently, and Wintersleep released ‘The Great Detachment‘ earlier in the year.

Below are questions that Hannah Georgas had for Wintersleep, and then questions that Wintersleep had for Hannah Georgas.

Wintersleep vs. Hannah Georgas

WS: Name three of your favourite songwriters or writers over the past 10 years and what they’ve done for you as a songwriter in terms of developing your own craft musically and or lyrically?
HG: Matt Berninger from The National
Everything that he writes sounds off the cuff but yet so beautifully articulated.  I love the sadness in his writing and the way he can so perfectly describe how he’s feeling.Their music inspires me to write.

Merrill Beth Nisker of Peaches
I fell in love with her album I Feel Cream when it first came out.  It had a real influence on me and helped me get through a lot.  I love how powerful her writing is.  It brings out a confidence in me whenever I listen.  Super motivating!

John Maus
When I first started working with and getting to know Graham Walsh (produced my last album and current one) he shared one of John Maus’ albums with me called We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves.  I fell in love with his simple melodies and lush synth production.  His music is so dreamy and emotional.

WS: What is the best of the weirdest shows you’ve ever played?
HG: I did a bike tour a long time ago.  Rode my bike from venue to venue with a bunch of my friends.  That’s a little odd, no?

WS: Any pre-show rituals / superstitious activity we should know about or be warned about?
HG: I really like to have a bit of space before I play a show.  It’s nice to focus, breath and feel centred.  I definitely feel anxious before going on stage so anything I can do to help that is good.

Hannah Georgas vs Wintersleep
(answered by Paul Murphy from Wintersleep)

HG: Are you excited to play shows with me this weekend and WHY? Haha
PM: Very excited to play with you and to hear you perform live. We are really enjoying your latest record! “Don’t Go” is a sweet, sultry jam!! Loved hearing that amplified throughout the PHOENIX a few months ago!

HG: What’s a song you can’t get enough of these days?
PM: That sweet Radiohead record but in particular “Daydreaming” is just a mind-blowing achievement.

HG: What was the last live show you saw that inspired you?
PM: Loel is saying Tortoise was an incredible recent show he loved.

HG: What’s been your favorite movie that you’ve seen over the past year?  I’m need of a good flick.
PM: I haven’t watched many films recently. It’s mostly children’s books and sports on account of my main hang is a puffy haired 2 and 1/2 year old who loves these things. Lemony Snickets book “The Dark” is a pretty great recent read. Not sure if Theo was ready for it.

HG: How’s the road been treating you?  Has there been a really memorable one on the road?
PM: The road has been good. He/she/it only put us through one scary drive Nelson to Edmonton. The shows have been lovely with lots of old familiar fans and new people coming out. We are really excited about this Ontario run!

Thanks guys!

*Hannah Georgas photo by Vanessa Heins, Wintersleep photo by Scott Munn