This week on Cut From Steel we said a tearful goodbye to New Hands. If you haven’t read my sentimental review of their first / last / only album you can find that here. We are also streaming the new tape from Chastity called TAPE. It is a musical tour de force from the vicious Manning Hill to slow and introspective Nevermind, Lucifer. Check it out.

The thing that took the music world by storm this week was definitely the release of the WTF video by Missy Misdemeanour. Hopefully this means that she is back in all of her weirdo space-themed fashion and 9o’s dancing glory. Hopefully this also means that I can add some new music to my dusty ‘Missy’ iPod playlist. This is a good song in an obvious way.  It’s gotten almost 5million views on youtube in less than 24hrs.

This was a good week for rap music. We got a killer song from the always awesome PUSHA T that features a mesmerizing Biggie sample.

Closer to home we got a new track that’s produced by Hamilton’s Emay and features vocals from Toronto’s Gene One. This is a noteworthy track as Emay is widely regarded as one of Hamilton’s best MC / producers, and Gene One is Toronto underground hip hop’s “most likely to succeed” on account of his classic hip hop delivery and strong writing. I’ve seen Gene One perform for the past 3-4 years and he is finally old enough to go to bars.. legally. Gene One went from being a great performer with a sweet baby face to a grown ass man with the voice of a 40 year old who has seen some stuff. Both of these are really good tracks.

Speaking of rap music. This was the week where I went in deep on the West Coast beef that’s taken the nation by storm. Madchild vs. everyone. Follow the good people at Noisy for all of the twists and turns of this dramatic feud that we never knew we wanted. One of the most entertaining parts of this feud is the dirt being thrown about who is really in their 40’s. Will the real West Coast Canada rapper in his mid 40’s please stand up? Somebody may or may not have hair-plugs, too.
Here’s a good beef primer.

DIYMag has a really compelling piece (with video) that chronicles Lonely The Brave’s debut show in Belfast.

The last great thing of this week comes from personal favourite James Blake and his BBC Radio 1 residency. The mix that is up for the next 29 days features Zomby, Jeff Buckley, Young Thug, Joy Division, Peter Gabriel, Apex Twins.. and more. Listen here.

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