This week on Cut From Steel we interviewed Marshia Celina, and featured videos by Lee Reed and Dildo of God.

This week also included a few fun nights out in Hamilton. The folks at HAVN had a fundraiser show at The Baltimore House that included a fantastic performance by FCKLLND (Leland Whitty of BADBADNOTGOOD and friends). The album is being released in the near future. The show was fantastic and FCKLND were very solid live. I look forward to seeing them again. That bill also included Nick Parsons and Mötem. There was also an A+ hiphop show at HAVN on the Saturday night. The lineup featured: KA$HKAVAL (formerly known as Cheese Shop Paddy), and EMAY, Elaquent, and L-Spex (the event was an L-Spex tape release party). This was a solid lineup from front to back.

In non-music related news, I took part in a Blogger Potluck that was kindly hosted by Kristin (I <3 Hamilton), and Chanry (Hungry Gnome) at Co-Motion. The space is gorgeous and the potluck was wonderful. You can see photos and videos on the Cut From Steel Instagram.

In world music news I have to say I love the Justin Bieber album (favourite song: Company) and found the 1Direction album very pedestrian and boring.  It seems like this Justin Bieber album is the Justin Timberlake album we’ve been waiting for. This video feature  on the production of “Where Are You Now?” with Diplo and Skrillex from The New York Times is so beautifully done that I’ve watched the whole thing about 5 times since it came out.

Adele is very talented but I’m tired of sad songs. Also, what on earth is the hold up with Frank Ocean’s album? This article is from August and people are still waiting bitterly. This article about the battle to save Ke$ha is an interesting read and a look into the sinister world of long record contracts and agreements.

How beautiful is this video by The Peach Heads?

Scott Weiland, former front man of Stone Temple Pilots, died on Thursday this week while on tour. I was always a huge fan of STP and while this news isn’t exactly shocking given Weiland’s past with drug use – it is a loss to STP fans.

Finally, we will wrap this week up with what should be regular viewing: Hip Hop horse. So graceful.

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