Paradise is the first single off Terra Lightfoot‘s upcoming album, New Mistakes.

Paradise is a strong single and it really allows Terra’s strong vocals to shine through. I’ve been a fan of everything Terra Lightfoot has released to this point. She’s an incredible talent and her live shows are really worth checking out.  This new song, Paradise, has me feeling conflicted. The song starts off really great but, in my opinion, it loses a lot of steam in the second half. The chorus sucks the great funky energy out of the song and it weighs it down into easy-listening rock territory.

If you listen to songs like All Alone and No Hurry, you’ll get a sense of the edgier, and less polished, sound that Terra has become known for. Of course, artists grow and change and draw their inspirations from different things and it is completely expected that each album will sound different from the last. I’m cautiously optimistic (and fully hoping to be proven wrong) that we aren’t taking a shift into radio friendly soft rock with this upcoming album.

Terra Lightfoot’s new album is out in October and you can pre-order it now.