Straight out of left field and directly into our hearts comes “Live in Your Shadow” by Sweet Dave & The Shallow Graves.

This song is amazing and I’ve had it on repeat all week. Even when I’m not listening to it.. I’m still sort of listening to the janky off-kilter  arrangements in my head. “Live in Your Shadow” is the type of song that makes you want to brush up on your music knowledge and figure out all of the references and familiar sounds you can’t place. I speak for myself as a person who grew up solely on Hip Hop and Classic Rock – – punk history is new to me and this song makes me want to learn.

Punk fans will recognize Sweet Dave as Dave O’Connor the bombastic frontman of Hamilton’s beloved TV Freaks. As the front man of the TV Freaks, Dave is captivating and insane in his stage presence. As Sweet Dave, however, he is somehow even more disturbing and intense. The sleazy dude at the bar vibe in this video really works and is completely unsettling.

I witnessed Dave sing a cover of a Johnny Cash song song last year and was totally blown away by his singing voice. I really hoped that wasn’t the last of his foray into this type of singing and couldn’t be more thrilled to learn about ‘Sweet Dave & The Shallow Graves’. The debut album, Mental Jails, will be out March 10th, 2017.