Shred Kelly_PromoPhoto2014_PhotoCredit Matt Kuhn Photography

BC’s Shred Kelly are a good time kind of band. Made up of a group of friends from Fernie, BC, Shred Kelly play “Stoke Rock” – this is a term thats come to describe the high octane (and fun) version of folk / rock that Shred Kelly play. Being Canadian is a big part of the band, too. And of course, having a good time is key. We can’t forget about that.

Shred Kelly’s latest album “Sing to the Night” was released earlier winter and the band is currently on a 20 date tour to support the new album. We caught up with Sage McBride (keyboards and vocals) to learn more about the band.

Q – How’s it going? Where are you guys right now?
We are driving to Edmundston NB on our way to a show in Albert County tomorrow, while brushing up on our French and overdosing on Tim Hortons.

Q – Congratulations on your latest album. I really enjoyed listening through it. Can you tell us a bit about how that album came together?
Thank you! This album was a lot more collaborative, we did a lot more group writing sessions and late nights. Lyrically it’s more personal and taps into the journey of past events both historically and personally that have led us to where we are now.

Musically, it is still our signature sound ‘stoke folk’ but we have explored different tempos and amped up the synthesizers and rock while drawing inspiration from the 70’s and 80’s.

Q – Who / what are your musical inspirations?
Our musical inspiration is definitely the town of Fernie. We draw a lot of creativity from the town and gain a lot of energy from it. Musically, we now mostly listen to Canadian indie music because is all so great and diverse. So we take a lot of inspiration from our friends and peers and artists we have the pleasure of seeing perform live on our travels.

Q – The notion of ‘Canadian Music’ is as interesting and complicated as the notion of ‘Canadian Identity’. So, I find it really interesting that people have described your music as ‘boiled down Canadiana..” What do you make of this?
We have never tried to write music that was Canadiana in genre, but I guess living where we live and drawing inspiration from our surroundings, it kind of just happened. I think every artist draws inspiration from their natural surroundings and ours happens to be snow and the energy of a mountain town.

Q – Your brand of high octane folk music is a lot of fun and is high energy. Where do you guys summon the energy from to perform a whole tour worth of shows and to consistently bring forth this vibe of “high energy fun stoked to be here” kind of rock..
If an audience gets into it, they give us the energy we need to consistently stay energized on stage. We love when an audience gets sweaty and dances.

Q – Do you guys have any pre/post show rituals?
Pre show: make sure flys are up.
Post show: drink a beer and make a new friend.

Q – You guys are part of a group of many many amazing BC based bands that are kicking ass these days. What is going on in BC to be pumping out so much great music?
Music BC is really amazing and is creating a lot of opportunities for BC bands to grow and get recognition both in and outside the province… Or maybe Fukushima fallout is giving us radioactive powers.

Q – Let’s play a word association game.. when I say HAMILTON.. you think?
BA Johnston. Surely he’s mayor by now…. Right?

Q – What are you listening to these days? Can you recommend a track?
Scenic Route to Alaska – Paris

Thank you!