Sometimes a rap song sweeps the internet and becomes an instant ear worm, meme fuel, vine theme, and obsession of every music blogger and music aficionado. That’s sort of what ‘Dat $tick’ has become.

For those of you that don’t know about Rich Chigga, check out this in-depth article on Time Magazine about the 16 year old Indonesian kid who went on to become a huge hip hip sensation. There’s also a great interview on Fader where Rich Chigga ( Brian Immanuel) talks about his motivations for starting his online work and what he wishes he could have done differently. What started off as a youtube joke has turned into a huge viral hit and a damn good rap song. Rich Chigga released “Dat $tick” in February of 2016 and he’s gotten over 21 million views of on that video as of today. He has a pretty great sassy-teen online presence.


The track featuring a dorky looking Asian kid rapping better than most present day rappers went viral. Eventually a bunch of hip hop titans were asked to comment on the video. Ghostface Killah was one of those rappers. Ghost made an remark that he’d want to be featured on the remix. Well, skip ahead a few months to present day and Ghostface’s comment has become reality. Dat $tick, the remix, has been released and it features Ghostface and Pouya.

Dat $tick, remix (and original) are amazing. Rich Chigga may have started out rapping as a joke but he clearly has a lot of talent. This song is huge, the beat is amazing, and his delivery is killer. Let’s hope he keeps this up and considers leaving youtube videos behind for a more focused rap career.  The song is still fantastic, and surreal with the Ghostface collab and the video is insane. Let’s hope there’s a lot more where this came from. Hip Hop needs you, Chigga!