Toronto’s Stacey Music first caught our eye a few months ago with the release of her debut EP . That impressive EP has been remixed, re-chopped, and reconfigured for this secondary release.

The first EP was good – but this remixed version is amazing. There is something quite seductive about Stacey’s music. You put on the EP and are hit with the smooth-as-hell vocals. Stacey sings about love, loss, one night stands, cheating, being lonely, etc. You know – relatable themes. Vocally, Stacey has a really pretty, and smooth-as-hell, voice. The sexy beats kick in – and next thing you know you’ve had the album on for repeat for 2 hours. That’s what happened to me. You could just as easily throw this on next time someone “comes over to watch a movie“, as you could sitting alone with a bottle of wine nursing a broken heart. It’s versatile in that way.

This EP is very impressive and I look forward to seeing Stacey live next time she comes to Hamilton.

Bottom line:

This is a sexy, smooth, fun, EP that you should definitely download and put on your spring playlist. Don’t call your ex, though, that’s a bad move.