Chinoiseries pt.3 is the third and final release in the ‘Chinoiseries’ from French beat maker, Onra.  The first Chinoiseries release came out in 2007.

These mixes are so damn fresh. Onra has created these mixes by digging through Chinese music and chopping it up and reassembling it in a way that sounds new and very hip hop influenced. You can expect everything from funk, blues, soul, and plenty of head nodding hip hop beats. This music is unexpected and exciting.

Onra is known to have an eclectic and impressive record collection and he recently played a full hour set of only Chinese music from his collection. Check it out.

“I see the first Chinoiseries as a trip, inspired by my own first travel to Asia, each beat representing one particular moment of the journey,” Bernard says. “The second one, more like a soundtrack to a movie, each beat representing a different scene, and the third one, I tried to create a dark, smoky and mysterious cinematic atmosphere so you could create your own movie in your head.”

Onra’s 2015 ode to boom-bap Fundementals is worth a listen, too. He has also done some really great remixes.