It is no secret that I love rap music. I love good rap. I love trendy rap. I love classic rap. I love political rap. I love gangster rap. I love shitty club-mix rap. I really do like it all.

While, I like to think that I spend most of my time listening to good quality rap music, there is a definite place in my heart for crappy rap music.  For example, Rick Ross is  by all accounts is a terrible person.   He raps about date rape, sexism, the ‘drug game’, and has been involved in a law suit due to stealing a person’s identity.  Having said that, when I go for a run the first thing that I play is usually a Rick Ross song. The heavy beats and the dumb lyrics have a way of making running more bearable. I’m sure I’m not the only rationally thinking person who has felt conflicted about the types of music they consume.

Anyway, I am really glad to find MZ007 today and her super catchy “Important” track. This is a song that has the heavy beats and silly narcissistic lyrics, but it is from a woman who is proud of her body and is out to have a good time.

What’s not to love?!