Chastity’s new video, directed by Justin Singer is an astounding look into the suburban wasteland of Whitby, Ontario. I cannot get over how awesome it looks. Like something straight out of a Harmony Korine film, we see kids getting tattoos, shaving heads, and causing some Kids-style havoc.

Watch this video, and then watch it again. Chastity’s youthful rebellion is exhilirating.

I saw Chastity in Hamilton this past winter and was so impressed with them that I felt compelled to write down a few thoughts. So I got to this show at Baltimore House where Dead Broke, friends of mine, are gonna be playing a show. Nothing against Dead Broke with their killer punk riffs and fun-as-hell live show, but I’m especially excited to go to this show because Chastity are playing.

Chastity are quite simply, a really good band.

Incorporating elements of shoegaze and grunge, it’s music that both hits and washes over you at the same time. Their logo looks like something a kid scrawled into a desk because the teacher’s told him to be quiet too many times. Their singer is this tall dude who sings with a voice that seems to be coming from somewhere else, their bassist looks like Jake Gyllenhal, their guitarist looks like James Franco, and their drummer looks 14 years old.

They played a short, but very good set, and handed me their demo after the show, which I was blown away by, considering the whole thing was done off the floor (which means it was done live, in one take).

These guys are on that trendy-as-hell 90s sound right now, and they’re killing it.

Catch Chastity at NXNE this week: Chastity are playing M for 159 Manning (2PM) and The Silver Dollar room (2AM) on Friday.
I had a chance to see Chastity play at Baltimore House this past February.