I went to a show a few months ago to see some local  band and I ended up catching the TV FREAKS set beforehand. It was my first ever time seeing TV FREAKS live and they blew my mind. I go out to see a lot of bands and the short set by the TV FREAKS that I caught that faithful winters night impressed me more than anything in recent memory.

The person I was with said that TV FREAKS are amazing because they make the kind of punk music that was huge in the 70s / early 80s. It was short, furious, and stunning. I’m not a person that typically listens to punk music and I can’t pretend that I know a lot about it, but here I am months later still preaching the gospel of TV FREAKS.

TV FREAKS are releasing a 3 song 7” very soon and they’ve allowed us to share the first single, Leeches, on Cut From Steel.

The 7″ follows up to their acclaimed sophomore LP Two released in September 2013. While Two saw the band taking cues from punk staples like The Stooges and Wire (amongst others), this 7” reveals some of TV Freaks more aggressive impulses–merging the intensity of early USHC with a keen ear for hooks and oddball disruptions. Barely hitting the six-minute mark, these three songs fly by with such abandon and snark that you’ll be dragging your needle across it time and time again.