Toronto’s most explosive and high octane band, Fucked Up, has just put out an epic 18 minute rager of a song. This track, Year Of The Dragon, is the first single off the sixth installment of their “Zodiac Series”. The Year Of The Dragon EP will be out this spring.

Fucked Up were the band that impressed me the most at last year’s Supercrawl. There were many wonderful bands at that packed festival, but I’ve never seen anyone rock a crowd in the way that these guys (and gals) did. Lead singer, Damian, was peeling off layers, swinging his microphone like a pendulum, crowd surfing, egging on crowd hooligans… the whole thing. It was incredible, and I feared for my safety as the boards holding back the crowd started to come down. Check out our photos from that show – here.

Expect more from Fucked Up later this spring.