Musical fads come and go but beautifully composed songs, great voices, and expert instrumentation are timeless. I truly believe that a beautiful song is a beautiful song. That’s it. You don’t have to understand anything about a genre for your ears to recognize something special.

We’ve got something special here today. Hamilton / Toronto based Steve and Alex have joined forces to form Twin Within. So far we have two songs from these guys. This one that is featured on the website is a sweet tune, and ‘Tunnel To The Reservoir’ which has an accompanying Southern Souls video.  This has all of the musicality of a young Rufus Wainwright but none of the shrill nasally voice that we’ve all learned to hate.

I can’t get over this song. I’ve been googling various lyrics to see if this is a cover of an old Christian hymn.  I’ve searched the depths of my mind and the internet and haven’t been able to place this song. After double checking with Steve I learned that it is in fact an original. The familiar vibe must be a reaction to the classic song arrangement.  The lyrics in this song are out of this world and the harmonies between Alex and Steve are truly wonderful. This song features Twin Within in collaboration with Vox Metropolis who provide the gorgeous instrumentals. Vox Metropolis have a special ability to take what could be difficult classical music and turn it into something relevant and accessible by anyone.

** At the time this song / video were was released Twin Within was known as ‘YerYard’. A name change happened a few months after this point.