New Damage Records, home of some of Canada’s heavier music, have just recently put out a Winter Sampler mix that you can stream or download from their website. It is like a great taster menu of some of the best heavy tracks that came out in 2015. The list is long… and I can not ethically embed the whole playlist without some sneaky coding, so I will just post my favourite tracks individually. You can find the whole thing here. If you’re on Spotify you can stream it here.

I have to thank New Damage Records for introducing me to so much music that I normally would have never listened to. Between Hamilton’s TV Freaks and everything on New Damage – I’ve developed an appreciation for all things heavy. I was a person who only listened to rap, indie rock, and classic rock a few years ago. Here we are a few years later and some of this stuff has become my most played music. Cheers, New Damage!

KEN MODE: A Passive Disaster.  This is my favourite track of the bunch. I love the cutting sarcastic tone that runs through.

Dead Tired: Dead Tired

White Windows Pact: Hangman

Black Mastiff: Leave It On The Floor

We Hunt Buffalo: Fear

Counterparts: Choke

I’ve listened to this Counterparts song the most out of this list. It is only 2minutes and it some of the most bitterly angry music I’ve heard lately. It’s great.