As a female, and a rap fan, it kills me that our choices in main stream female rap come down to: Iggy Azelea vs. Nicky Minage. I’m not interested in manufactured conflicts, fake asses, or the images and stories that are sold us.

Well, step aside sub-par ladies. Boston’s Bia has recently put out her mixtape, Chola Season, and it is a breath of fresh air, let me tell you. Half of this mixtape was produced by Pharrell Williams giving it that cool hand-claps and skateboards vibe that the Neptunes had. Pharrell raps on Chain Swang, too.

This mixtape features well written tracks, solid delivery, and great beats. Clever lyrics and actual rapping (gasp) makes Bia very cool. It’s not like Bia is a good female rapper, she’s a great rapper. The whole mixtape is solid, but my personal favourite tracks are: #CHOLASEASON, Chain Swang, Jug Dance, Around The World, and Medicine Man.