‘Welcome to Space’ is a new single from the upcoming moon:and:6 album “A Brief History of American Space Travel” which is coming out this spring.

Hamilton based, moon:and:6 (Michael Chambers) creates an exciting and elegant blend of electro, bass, and future-disco. The voice samples in the track are taken from real NASA audio archives. We’re introduced to the seven astronauts that were chosen for the first American attempts of launching human beings into space. This track does a great job of creating a vibe of excitement and anticipation. The arrangement builds excited tension that compliments the NASA elements beautifully. This is a major step for interplanetary beat battles – your move, Saturn.

The video is very cool and was edited in a way to make the old footage seem like a cool cohesive unit.

If you’re looking to more space sounds into your life, and you have some time to throw down a space sound rabbit hole – additional samples and audio clips from NASA Audio Highlight Reels, Soundbites and Launch Sounds are at

You can also find this track on Soundcloud.