Guelph’s great afro-funk band, Minotaurs, are back with an album announcement and a new single. The new album, AUM, will be out at the end of May 2017 and the band will be doing a series of shows around that time.

I’ll Keep Your Shit With Mine is a great track. It represents so much of what makes Minotaurs a great band: funk, soul, good lyrics, and a great rhythm. If you get a chance to see these guys live – take it! Their music truly comes to life when performed live.

About the album:
AUM also makes reference to the spiritual journey of the creative process, and signals the band’s deep respect for it. Says frontman Lawr, “It all comes back to the essential idea: Art may not change anything but it can act as a vessel for an idea, and ensure that certain ideas never die. Why do authoritarian regimes destroy the art first? Because they know that it will inspire people to think. And change happens when people start thinking.”

Tour dates:
05/19 Toronto, ON – TBA
05/20 Guelph, ON – TBA
06/02 Hamilton, ON – TBA
06/03 Sudbury, ON – TBA
03/24 Kingston, ON -TBA