Each time Lee Fields and The Expressions come to town it makes for a very special evening. I’ve had the pleasure of attending all of the shows Lee Fields has played in town and each time was absolutely terrific.

If you like soul music, funk music, or even just really good music in general – you will love this show.

I was lucky enough to arrange an interview with Lee Fields himself, and let’s just say I left that interview feeling completely smitten and charmed.  From love to technological advancement;  Lee has something great to say about everything.

Lee Fields! Everyone is so happy that you are coming back to, Hamilton. It is definitely a show that is highly anticipated.
Thank You.  I’m so happy to be coming back, it is heartwarming to know that people are excited.

Your shows are always quite upbeat and high energy. Women are freaking out, and everyone is dancing and sweating. What is that like for you? Where do you summon the energy to rock a crowd like that?

The energy is a reciprocal thing. I give love out to the audience, and in return I get love back.  I give everything when I’m performing,  it is very sincere.  When I’m on the stage it isn’t just about being a performer,  I’m trying to make sure the crowd and I have an experience together.
The energy that the crowd generates is love.  Love is energy. When that love appears in the show everyone can feel it. Love is the strongest energy we have on this planet and it gets less attention than it deserves.

As a long time charmer and smooth talker, do you have any advice or wise words on romance to offer up to the younger generations?
My advice is for everyone to think of your partner as you would think about yourself. If you are serious about each other,  you need to think about their concerns as you would think of your own concerns. Take the ‘me’ out of it.  I should treat you like I would want to be treated.
If each person approached love this way there would be no obstacles.
It is beautiful. Look at your partner as if they were you. The pains and the sorrows they feel are your pain and your sorrows.  Look at them as if they were a part of you.
But really, nobody knows. We’re just out here tryin’ to figure this out.

Ladies love Lee Fields, and Lee Fields seems to love the ladies. What makes a woman sexy to you?
The ‘lady’ that I sing about is all women. I love women, they are the oracle of life. Everyone in this world had to come through a woman, that alone says that they are praise worthy.  I think that women are the ingredient that makes the world worth enduring. Women make this pilgrimage we are all on worthwhile.

I hold the woman in very high esteem. I just love women. That is all. I can’t help myself. I can’t really explain it any better. I’ve always been a faithful man, I’m not out there running around.

My view of this world is: women! To me, the female is the ultimate of this world. When a man is fortunate enough to find that soul-mate and the two are matched it don’t get no better. I’m not knocking other lifestyles, this is just my preference. Love is all up to the individual – love is the answer.

You tour quite extensively. You guys just played a bunch of shows in the US, you have a few dates in Canada, and then later in the year you are off to Europe for 25+ shows. What do you do in your rare free time?
I’ve had a week off since the last show and I’ve now become the carpenter guy around the house. I’m a jack of all trades. I will fix a sink. I’m a mechanic – I’ll take the transmittion out of a car.

Currently, I’m in the basement  in New Jersey putting together a new shower. I try to stay productive. I don’t believe in sitting around and sleeping. There will be plenty of time for that one day. It’s coming, and you ain’t gotta worry about that.  Stay perpendicular and on the move. See things – get thing’s done.

Do you have music on in the room while you do physical work around the house?
Yes,  I do. I also have a bit of a studio in my garage and I pop in there and write lyrics while I’m working sometimes. I do my best writing while I’m busy working on something. You’d be surprised when you are doing things and the subtle ideas that come to you. Subtle ideas are the great ideas, it’s the little things. I guess ideas are like diamonds. You don’t just find a diamond on the ground, it is subtle and so small and hidden away. Ideas and diamonds are hidden somewhere away from where everyone can see.

Do you read in your free time when you aren’t being a renaissance man around the house?
Yes.  Lee Fields is an avid reader. I’m currently reading an instruction manual because I want to do this shower job right. Aside from that I like everything, I like James Joyce, and the last full book I read was the Celestine Prophecy.

I read a lot of things on the computer too. That’s a good way to stay on top of everything, I can scan a lot of things quickly. Everything is changing but I think that physical books will always be around.

There is so much information available for us all the time – I love it.

Are you into technology?
I’m pretty tech savvy, I think.  I’ve got an iPod, and I use an iPhone.  I got into technology back in the ’90′s. I’m glad that I got into technology when I did, because now it is changing so fast. One day, we will probably be at a point with technology where we won’t need any sort of gagdget. Technology and humans are going to merdge at some point in the future. Maybe our DNA, and the nucleic acid will be the code for the technology and it might be used in regards to a persons identifications. Eventually that’s where it’s all headed.

Are you into the idea of ‘singularity’ that  Ray Kurzwell writes about?
I haven’t read too much of his stuff, but yes, I am familiar. This science fiction stuff scares me, child. It’s kind of scary man. That’s the thing about that.

What’s on your iPod? What do you like to listen to?
I like a mix of everything: old school ’60′s stuff, new world, classical, old funk, old country, hip hop, everything.  If you’re in my car I’d be scanning the radio looking for music and I might stop along the classical station, might hear some blues, funk, r’n’b. But you’re always gonna hear me listening to soul, because I’m a soul man.

I like hip hop quite a bit, I prefer the older stuff but I get down with some new hip hop too – like Lil’ Wayne and  J Cole lately.  I might listen to the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. I might listen to some reggae. All music is good, but it always comes back to soul for me. Because Lee is a soul kinda guy.

What’s next for Lee Fields?
Creating more music and just touring. I don’t really lay around when I’m off tour. I’m in the stage of my life where I’m savouring the moments and enjoying all that’s happening. I have these beautiful shows where everyone comes out and has a great time. For all of these people that come out: Lee Fields loves you, trust me, with all his life.

I love what I do and I am appreciative. This has been a lifetime of work to work towards this, and I don’t allow people do dread work. If it’s like that – then you should get out of the business. If you are a true entertainer – when you get the call from the people. You go. That’s what we do. I love it. This is a priviledge.

I have a great ability to butcher famous phrases  – but ‘if you love what you’re doing, you will never work a day in your life’. I really believe that.