Kid Cudi‘s latest track has been out for a week or two at this point but it is so great that I don’t want anyone to miss it. Frequency takes us back to Kid Cudi’s old style and that’s very exciting. The first album ‘Man on The Moon: The End of Day (2009) was a huge release. That album was certified gold and it was an almost perfect listen from beginning to end. It is definitely an album that I still love very much and revisit frequently. After that Kid Cudi released 4 more albums to varying degrees of success. Kid Cudi has openly talked about his depression and mental health and with each album release his music seemed to get darker and more introspective. The music shifted a bit and I lost interest for the most part.

Now – with “Frequency” Kid Cudi seems to be making a return to his glory days. This video is sexy and atmospheric and the song is very chill. Extreme levels of chill. Like a great party that has gone from day to night and you can’t picture going home.

Also, for those of you who may follow hip hop gossip –  Drake seems to be making jabs at Kid Cudi’s mental health and it’s not cool, Aubrey. Not cool at all.