The ‘thunder dragon’ is the force of inspiration that lives within Hamilton based artist, Juliana LaChance.

Juliana says that she shot this video herself after eating an unidentified mushroom on an island in Ontario. Apparently panic and thoughts of imminent death followed and the results are this here video. The video does a really good job of capturing the song and the mushroom story.

Do you remember the great 2016 horror movie “The Witch“? In that movie (spoiler alert) the main character endures a decidedly unorthodox coming of age tale that ends with her walking into the woods to join a festive witch party / orgy / fun fest. Something about this video makes me think of a hypothetical ‘The Witch’ sequel that takes place a few years after the main character has left her home to live in the woods.

Check out the video and don’t eat unidentified mushrooms. Play it safe. 

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