You may know her because you’re a fan of amazing UK based singers, or because you follow UK’s garage trends, or because she was featured on Drake’s last project, or because she played a very hyped Toronto show over the past week.  Jorja Smith is an incredible singer with a really cool style that’s reminiscent of 90’s R&B and garage and is perfectly at home in 2017. I’ve long for the glory days of 90’s R&B

I’ve longed for the glory days of 90’s R&B when great vocalists were superstars. While we’ve had a ’90’s R&B style resurgence, kind of, the vocals seem to be taking a back seat to production and trendy gimmicks. It is so good to get a great song like this that features a really talented singer. Who would have thought that really really good singers would ever go out of style? Damn.

On My Mind was produced by Preditah; a producer who works with Skepta. The production on this song is fresh and light and is the perfect support to let Jorja’s beautiful voice shine. The video for this track features pirate radio and the dudes from Kurupt FM who made the now famous pirate radio mockumentary ‘People Just Do Nothing’.