Detroit’s Jamaican Queens are pretty awesome. From their enigmatic and adventurous website, to their hilarious twitter, and finally to their music – these guys are fun.

On a basic level you could describe Jamaican Queens as a pop group, but they take that further with their use of hip hop, and trap beats, and sprinklings of electronica.  Ryan and Adam write about things most of us can relate to on some level, from morbid suicidal balads, to love on Ecstasy, to hating your boss – there is something in there that most of us can identify with.

It doesn’t matter so much, why, Jamaican Queens are a fun group – the music speaks for it self, they are playing with The Magic at Homegrown Hamilton this Friday and you should come. Seriously, it will be fun. Get the full details, here.

I caught up with Ryan to learn more about the group.

Q – First of all – your website is intense. It’s like a choose your own adventure book where every ending is the best ending. Well, done. What is the worst website you’ve come across lately?
Adam’s friend just emailed him a really good bad website:

Q –  Can you define ‘Detroit Trap Pop” for us?
This is a made-up genre. Like all other made up genre’s. I live in Detroit. So that’s that part. We’re heavily influenced by trap music. The beats and 808’s and dark sounds of southern rap. Finally, I like a lot of pop. Our songs would fall under the genre of “pop music” I’ve heard it called odd pop. What is odd pop? I call it rap glam. We are Detroit’s coolest rap glam band.

Q – Your debut album is great. I know that ‘Water’ is about love as seen through E-Goggles. What is Black Madonna about?
Black Madonna was written while I was driving in Detroit having a panic attack because my fucking asshole boss was sweatin’ me. I totally freaked and had a melt down in a parking lot. It was the parking lot of a church called ‘The Shrine of the Black Madonna’

Q –  What’s it like working with your pal Adam? Which ‘buddy movie’ would describe your working relationship best? (Tango & Cash, Dumb and Dumber, Biodome etc)
We are probably most like The Good Son. I’m the bad one. Always trying to get Adam(Elijah Wood) to kill his parents, but he’s too “nice” for that.

Q –  What’s the best song you’ve heard lately? Can you recommend something good for our readers?
Almost every song on that new Rhye album is beautiful. Solange ep is sick as well.

Q – What is your pre-show ritual? Also – what is your post show ritual? What do you do immediately after leaving the stage?
Pre show: Adam and Ryan Clancy do 15 jumping jacks. I don’t usually. There’s nothing in particular. I usually have a couple drinks to loosen up… Immediately after we’re off stage I get lost for a few as not to have to talk to anyone. I try to do vocal cool downs, so that my voice won’t go out and I can sing every night.

Q –  Let’s play a word association game. When I say “Hamilton” – you think…
Secretary of treasury.

Thanks, Ryan!