Safe & Sound are a group of friends who play pop-punk music that reminds me of the glory days of  Yellow Card, and Taking Back Sunday.  I remember working summers at The Stoney Creek Dairy, listening to pop punk and wondering why my love life was so complicated. Those were the days.  Safe & Sound do a current version of pop-punk, and they do it well. Images of summer romances, parties, and self discovery float through my mind while listening to this band. Safe & Sound are made up of: Loeden Learn (vocals), Mike Maschewski (guitar), Zach Paterson-Pasquale (guitar), Alex Stojsavljevic (Bass), and Evan Woods ( Drums).

Safe & Sound are just over a year old, but their sound is great, and they seem like sweet and genuine guys. Check out my interview with Alex to learn more about these guys.

Q – Can you tell me how you guys got together?
Originally Loeden and I started this project to write music that we both really enjoyed. After we released “Homecoming”, we were given much more exposure and positive feedback than we ever expected to receive. With this is mind I contacted Mike and Zac, both I knew from past projects, to play guitar for us. Evan later joined us after we convinced him to become our permanent drummer instead of just our live drummer. We all couldn’t be happier with how it all worked out.

Q – You’ve been a band for just over a year now, what has the first year been like?
The first year of being in this band has brought us all so many amazing experiences. We’ve been able to improve our musical abilities as individuals and as a whole unit, play in different cities in the GTA, and share the stage with bands like Hit The Lights and Handguns. All of this has been able to happen because of the love and support we get from our fans, friends and families. We wouldn’t trade any of this for the world.

Q – Where would you like to be one year from now, in your music careers?
One year from now, I’d really like to see us finally record the debut release that we’ve had written for quite some time now and possibly even doing short-runs across Southern Ontario in support of it. This is what we want to do with our lives, we’d be honoured to have this as our careers.

Q – How does song writing work with your band? Do you write about things from your lives, or do you keep journals, poetry books, etc.
In the beginning I wrote all the instrumentals while Loeden wrote lyrics, melodies, and harmonies. But now we all seem to work on our material equally. Evan even comes to us with ideas for guitar riffs, and most of them are actually really cool. I’m so happy to be able to work with people that can turn multiple ideas into one overpowering outcome.

Q – Alex – I can’t help but notice your last name and think that you may be Serbian? As a fellow Serb I always notice a last name. Have you had any exposure to punk music from “the old country”?
Yeah, I am Serbian! But sadly I’ve never any exposure to any music from over there. I could only imagine what it sound like. I’ll definitely have to take a look into it!
(I will gladly send over some links!)

Q – What are you guys listening to these days? Do you have any tracks, or artists, to recommend to us?
As of lately I the Mighty’s new album, “Satori”, has been on repeat for the last little while. They’re a band that really deserve a lot more exposure in the music scene.

Q – What do you have planned for the summer?
This summer we’re really hoping to finally record our debut release and play in more cities around Southern Ontario. Be on the lookout for big things to come!

Thanks, Alex!