Hamilton’s The White Crowleys are one of those bands that I really want to see succeed. I caught one of their first ever shows (it was at Gage Park during the New Music Expo fest) and they impressed me right away. First of all, several vans pulled up on the grassy nook and it seemed like 30 people of all ages emerged from the woods and filled the spectator seating area. There were mothers, fathers, siblings, pals, dogs. Everyone was there to support these guys. It was the sweetest show of support I’ve ever seen at a rock show. The White Crowleys had a great set, and it was surprising to learn how new they were as a band. These guys can really play and they have the sort of references and nuance in their music that tell you they grew up listening to really good stuff. Since that faithful Gage Park show, The White Crowleys have gone on to play countless shows around town and the general Southern Ontario area. The music gets better and better all the time and the guys are just as friendly and fun as I remember them. You can see our first interview here.

The White Crowleys are playing night 3 of the Eternal Summer fest this Friday! More info and the full lineup can be found here.  Because this festival is happening in people’s homes and private spaces the addresses are given out on a per-person basis and if you’d like to get a ticket or more info – email the organizers: exhalemusicgroup (at) gmail.com

Q – What are you working on these days, musically speaking?
Hey Biljana, it’s been a while. Right now we’re finishing up recording our second single, and a handful of songs are currently in the works.

Q – Which of your songs has the most summer vibes?
Probably Zodiac Goodbyes, the B-side to the Fane Jonda Single we are releasing, but we always wanna make songs that people can dance along with so hopefully they all go well in the summer.

Q – You are playing Eternal Summer in Hamilton – – can you share your favourite Hamilton related anecdote?
Well like I said man, I walk in there and my brother is around and I end up kissing my own brother. It was pretty far out man, pretty fucked up. But you know what they say, like father like son.

Q – What would be an absolute deal breaker for a backyard / cottage party?
Coors light/bud light kegger

Q – What’s the best summer festival for hook ups, or finding love?
Boots and Hearts, which is why we don’t go

Q – Do you have any porta-potty use tips or some etiquette to offer?
Don’t drink the water, it does not taste like blue-raspberry koolaid

Q – What’s your favourite Ontario beach to visit?
Somewhere up north, anywhere in Algonquin, far away from Lake Ontario

Q – What are your thoughts on camping? Yay or Nay?
Yay, we have a trip planned next month, wanna come?

Q – What can you make on the BBQ that you’re proud of?
An Old fashioned

Q – Do you have a favourite ‘makeout point’, or a trusty spot you’ve either visited in the past or frequent today?

Q – Do you have a signature summer beverage?
We only drink Old Milwaukee Ice, so refreshing. We welcome any endorsements.

Q – All time favourite movie that’s set in the summer?
Dirty dancing. No contest.

Q – What’s on your road trip mixtape, or playlist?
Highway Star by Deep Purple
Stand by Me (Train in Vain) by The Clash.
Fudge is bound to put on some BBNG and CCR always ends up getting a few plays. Also Discovery by Daft Punk, or FIDLAR’s new record, if we need to get somewhere in a hurry.

Q-  Who is the prettiest in the band?
Stuart, hands down. He is the prettiest and the toughest. Pretty much a tornado of love.

Q- Who would win in a fight, Fudge or Stuart?
Stuart, hands down. They don’t call him the tornado of love for nothing.

Q- Who gets the most action in the band?
Justyn and Cohen because they always just hook up with each other.

Q – All time best summer jam?
Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot
What is love – Haddaway

Thanks guys!
* the questions in italics were generously added by the band.