Basement Revolver is the product of Chrisy Hurn and friends making beautiful music together. The music of Basement Revolver is rooted in introspection, emotions, and a strong narrative. This is music that you would light a candle and drink straight bourbon with. Basement Revolver put on a great live show and you’re in luck because they are playing tonight in Hamilton as a part of the last night of Eternal Summer Fest.

Joining Basement Revolver are Tearjerker and Aron D’Alesio. As per usual, if you’re interested in attending this last of the Eternal Summer backyard soirees you should get in touch with the organizers for tickets and directions. Email them here: exhalemusicgroup (at)

We caught up with Chrisy to learn more about the music and her summer preferences.

Q – What are you working on these days, musically speaking?
I think as a band we are really happy with our sound. Personally, I finally feel that I have found a genre that actually suits me and that I’m comfortable in. As a band, we all work really well together in writing music – it’s an addicting kind of synergy. Moving forward in that, we would like to take a closer look at composition and building more interesting songs – there are hundreds of amazing bands out there writing decent music, how can we create something that will cut through the noise?

Q – Which of your songs has the most summer vibes?
Probably our song called Lake, Steel, Oil; it features northern lights in the summer time on Manatoulin Island, the loss I felt when my sister moved to Alberta, and most importantly the deep love that I feel the deeper I fall in love with Hamilton. This city is home, hopefully for a very long time.

Q – You are playing Eternal Summer in Hamilton – – can you share your favourite Hamilton related anecdote?
I live a couple of blocks away from the police station, which of course means non-stop action and fun. There is nothing like waking up to the sounds of a high-speed horse chase on your front step. It’s less of an anecdote and more of an on going saga. Gotta love those early morning crime sprees. I really think there should be a TV series featuring Hamilton’s finest.

Q – What would be an absolute deal breaker for a backyard / cottage party?
Probably someone showing up with crystal meth. That’s just awkward for everyone.

Q – What’s the best summer festival for hook ups, or finding love?
Burning Man, obviously.

Q – Do you have any porta-potty use tips or some etiquette to offer?
Go to the bush instead – less of a stink, more of nature.

Q – What’s your favourite Ontario beach to visit?
There’s a really nice one at Craigleigh Provincial Park, I really love to go camping there. The beach is all shale rock so you don’t have to deal with sand, and the waves are killer. I also have a weird thing for the pier in Port Dover at night. My friends and I used to drive out and dangle our feet off the end with smokes in hand and an endless world of good conversation.

Q – What are your thoughts on camping? Yay or Nay?
Yay, always yay.

Q – What can you make on the BBQ that you’re proud of?
I was vegan for a long time, big fan of barbequed pineapple rings and breaded eggplant.

Q – Do you have a favourite ‘makeout point’, or a trusty spot you’ve either visited in the past or frequent today?
Its because I’m a woman isn’t it. In all seriousness, there is a literal place called make-out mountain, and a few dandy waterfalls that are sure to melt one’s bitter heart. I wont tell you the real spots, cant give away all my moves.

Q – Do you have a signature summer beverage?
Wine in egg cups.

Q – All time favourite movie that’s set in the summer?
Moonrise Kingdom

Q – What’s on your road trip mixtape, or playlist?
On the occasion that I have a car to road trip with, it’s my parent’s car that I drove to high school most days, therefore I rock out to my high school favorites like Tokyo Police Club, ADTR and TDWP – perfect for stoking a little nostalgia and angst. I have this one mix that I made in high school full of heartbroken folk songs that make you want to cry and sing along. If I want something new though I usually crank some Tennis, White Fence or Courtney Barnett – I’d say they feel pretty sunny.

Q – All time best summer jam?
Happy New Year by We Are The City, either that or Suffragette City by Bowie. They both just get me amped no matter what!