Check out this great song from Halifax based soul singer/songwriter Dammien Alexander

Tidal Wave is a good time! This song combines elements of funk, soul, and hip hop to a great effect.

Combining elements of gospel, pop, r’n’b, and hip hop, Dammien has crafted a great sound for himself. The music sounds familiar, and yet it also has a chill new vibe.

More about Dammien:
“His sound is inspired by great boundary pushers like  Marvin Gaye, Prince, D’Angelo, Pharrell, and Outkast. Dammien was born in Philladelphiawhere he was influenced by the church. His mother, who was a gospel singer in the church, introduced Dammien to the city’s incredible history of R&B and soul. However, he then moved to Canada spending time in Montreal and Vancouver, and now Halifax, where he has been for almost the last twenty years. This album marks Dammien’s return to music after a near death surfing experience in Costa Rica. Dammien says the experience opened him up. He felt lighter as a person, which translated into how he approached his music. The result is his most free-flowing and inspired work to date.”