International Women’s Day seemed like a good day to write about the wonderful Charlotte Day Wilson (CDW) EP. This collection of songs has been out since 2016 but it is still worth talking about.

While Charlotte Day Wilson has only been around for a year or two as a solo artist you may have come across her amazing voice on BADBADNOTGOOD projects as well as the badass quartet The Wayo

As legend has it, Charlotte Day Wilson, did an internship at Arts&Crafts and after it was over she began work on her EP. You can read about her journey in one of these great articles. The EP is restrained, elegant, and incredibly soulful. The only thing that’s wrong with it is that it is too short. A full length album from CDW can not come soon enough.

Charlotte Day Wilson is a wonderful musician and is a great ambassador for women in the music industry.

From the WMagazine interview:

The material she wrote during that time has now become the crux of CDW. Over the EP’s six tracks, Wilson establishes herself as a force both in the recording studio and production booth. She produces her own work, placing her in a small minority of female musicians — various estimates over the past five years have put the proportion of women in music production at around 5 percent.

“The female artists that we know and love, all of their music has been passed through the hands of a male mixing engineer, a male producer, probably a male mastering engineer,” Wilson said. “It’s almost like we haven’t heard the female perspective in recorded music.” She added that she prefers to have total control over her work, usually passing it on to mixing and mastering after she has “made it sound as good as I possibly can.”

You can see Charlotte Day Wilson at The Mod Club in Toronto April 19 and 20 and at the Phi Centre in Montreal April 22.