5 seconds into Bishop Briggs‘ “The Way I Do” I was already fully on board. Sometimes something just grabs you and you know you’re going to love it straight away and that’s what happened to me and Bishop Briggs.

“The Way I Do” is the new single off the recently released self-titled debut EP. (You can get the EP here) Bishop Briggs is a Los Angeles based singer who has been around for a little while with great indie support and festival sets at places like Coachella and Lollapalooza. If the passionate fan support I’ve witnessed so far and the amazing talent are anything to go by – Bishop Briggs is probably going to be a huge name in the near future.

The entire EP is fantastic and you should definitely listen to it. This single “The Way I Do” is especially good. This is the type of song that is emotionally raw, strong, and full of heart. Bishop’s vocals are unbelievable. She sings with so much conviction and feeling that you’ll end up feeling like you’ve really done something to upset her. Her emotions translate so well into song.

Besides the power-house vocals –  the production on this song is great and it elevates it from a typical pop / r&b track to something more. There is a lot of R&B floating around these days and unfortunately a lot of sounds the same. Everybody is doing a variation of The Weeknd, Banks, or Tinashe. This track (and the rest of the album) have a unique sound that seems like its rooted in everything from hip hop to rock. Bishop Briggs is setting herself apart from the usual through her unique style, great song production, and a killer voice.

Can we talk about this video for a second? This video is incredibly creative and fun to watch. It’s a different concept and the execution is amazing.