Ikonika is one of the most exciting electronic producers/ DJs of the better part of the last decade.  As a DJ and a producer, Ikonika has made a name or herself through her forward thinking, melodic, and spastic takes on underground dance music. Getting rave reviews from respected publications like The Guardian, BBC, NME (and many more) Ikonika has taken her fresh sound worldwide. Let’s not even get into how amazing it is for a young woman to kick so much ass in a male dominated genre. Ikonika (Sara Abdel-Hamid) is very impressive for many reasons and it is a thrill to have her play for us in Hamilton for Supercrawl. Check out Ikonika’s latest EP Position over on Hypedub.

Q – Congrats on the Position EP. It’s great! Can you tell us a bit about how that came together?
Thank you, glad you like it! The trax were made in my garden studio, from the last year, just after my last album dropped. I finished a few trax around January and a gave them to Kode9, he then picked the final track list.

Q –  When you create your tracks do you envision people listening on headphones, at the club, at a party… ? 
Do you intend for certain tracks to be listened to in specific ways like that?
My music right now is developing a much more physical presence.  I don’t want to dream or escape or create an imaginary world.  This EP was made for the body, for the dark, for the club.  I like the idea of my DJ sets expanding to the point that in informs what I do in the studio now.  I take everything I learnt from that weekend and channel it through the productions.

Q –  Has your approach to your music changed over the years? I read that you used to create most of your music at the foot of your bed which is a wonderful image.
Yep, I started out as a bedroom producer.  It’s more to with space really. We have small house here in England, so I saved up and built this space in my garden. It’s great to have a room dedicated to music, and to have more space for newer bits of equipment etc…

Q –  If you could recreate the soundtrack to any existing movie – what movie would that be? Are you into film soundtracks, in general?
I like film soundtracks. I like sound design. I would actually love to score for films or games one day.  I made a lot of music while watching films in the background.  It’s a nice little exercise.  I guess I could recreate any soundtrack, obviously it would have to be visually amazing. It would have to be a Sci-Fi film.

Q –  Can you tell us a bit about starting Hum + Buzz? What are your long term goals for that label?
We started Hum + Buzz in 2011. We’ve had releases from Optimum, Dro Carey, Brenmar, Marriage Proposal and this year we released an EP by Zoltan.  We actually don’t know where to go from here because our personal ambitions have changed, it’s looking likely that we’re not going to be releasing anymore.

Q –  Your videos and visuals are always really well done. How involved are you in the visual / design side of your music?
Optigram has an amazing way of bringing my music to life. He’s worked on my stuff since the first album so he knows exactly what to do. I usually give him some phrases and little visual aids together with maybe some colours and he just smacks it.

Q –  What are you listening to this week? Can you recommend a track?
I just finished a 8/16 bit video game mix, so I’ve gone back to a lot of Yuzo Koshiro….so… Yuzo Koshiro – Terrible Beat

Q –  What are you planning musically for the rest of 2014?
Start work on the 3rd album, another EP, more DJing, the usual really.

Thanks so much!