I’ve been treating “Leave With The Night” from New Hands the way I would a difficult breakup. I’ve obsessed over it, I’ve remembered the good times, and I’m having trouble letting go. I understand why this decision has been made but it doesn’t make it any easier. This is the first and the last album from New Hands.

You see, New Hands were a very special band. From the first time I came across their music I was completely enchanted by their talents. This was a band that was arguably the best band in Hamilton but they didn’t seem too concerned about playing tons of shows, getting sponsorship, or really “making it big”. Whatever that means. These guys had a conservative number of excellent live shows and a handful of great singles online.

The new wave throwback arrangements paired with Spence Newell’s baritone molasses vocals, and a very high production quality make this an incredible album. Every detail is perfectly crafted and yet it doesn’t sound over produced or too showy – it’s a great reflection of what New Hands were like as a band.  I’ve listened to this album back to front every day since it was released a week ago and I’m having trouble coming up with a ‘favourite songs’ list for this review. All of the songs are my favourite song on this album. “Leave With The Night” was produced so well – it sounds expensive and big.  The recording, mixing, and mastering on this album is beautiful and we have to thank Michael Keire at Threshold Recording Studio,  Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck, etiquette) and Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys).

While music fans will lament over another great band that’s left us we have been left with a great parting gift. “Leave With The Night” does New Hands a great justice and is an album that will hold up for many years to come. Here’s hoping the guys will keep making music in some shape or form in the future.

This is the official explanation as to why the band is over:

New Hands had been playing together for five years when they broke up in early 2015. To many, the split didn’t seem to make sense: they had just started working with a reputable artist management group; they were scheduled to play SXSW in March; and the singles that they had released were getting international attention. However, not everyone was on board with the direction that things were headed in, and rather than allow for resentment down the line, the guys opted to break up the band in order to remain friends.

New Hands set out to make electronic music for late nights; this album serves as a soundtrack for that purpose.

Thanks for all the music, guys!

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