New GTA-based artist, Adrian Underhill, has a video out for his track “Not Good Enough”, produced by Kindness (Solange, Blood Orange).

The video is unexpected and captivating and the song touches on many common anxieties we all deal with today. Everything from insecurities and uncertainties, to dealing with mental health issues, to wanting to just skip town and start again is covered in this song. Adrian seems to have hit the nail on the head of the anxiety that permeates so much of our society these days. Life is hard and we need to normalize and talk about that more often. This song is a good start.

The other great thing about this song is the r’n’b style and arrangement. The song flows well and it gets better with each additional play.

Looking forward to hearing more from Adrian Underhill.

Adrian’s thoughts on the video:
“Through this video we wanted to explore the relationship between isolation and togetherness. The repetitive mechanical movements serve as a meditation on the simultaneous individuality and connectedness between people. As we navigate the steps of this dance we each exist in our own bubble – infinite distances between even the closest of friends (I’m paraphrasing Rilke). This tension between distance and connection is played out over and over, and only through exposing their vulnerabilities do the dancers begin to see each other clearly.”