Indian City is the latest single off the amazing A Tribe Called Red album, Hallucination.  This video is beautiful, as are all of their videos. The vibrant colours of the Native dress are in stark contrast with the environment, and yet in perfect harmony with the other dancers. This video is really good and it’s impressive to see ATCR with one compelling video concept after another.  The beat on this track is insane. A Tribe Called Red are fantastic DJs and producers and this song is a good example of what makes them such an exciting group.

“Like many movements, the Halluci Nation grew from a place of necessity. Long before we fought in the streets, our first battles were fought on the dance floor. Some of us have learned about our culture from birth, being taught to sing, drum and dance like we were being shown to speak and walk. Some of us have found our way first through beats, breaking and turntablism, only to find it leading us back to our roots. The movement carries memories and the drums are kept deep in our chests, no matter how hard they tried to rip them out. So, we learned to dance on these city streets and write our songs on digital drums.”
Oral History of the Halluci Nation