Can we have some real talk for a second?  Here, at Cut From Steel, we don’t typically listen to a lot of  ‘heavy’ music, nor do we often attend shows that require to use of ear plugs  (safety first, guys).  All of this went out the window when WTCHS came along. They are heavy, and loud, and aggressive, and seeing them in a tiny space definitely requires earplugs. Yet, I found myself really loving them. A lot. And, I’m not the only one. WTCHS have quickly become one of Hamilton’s hottest bands.

I caught up with band member, Jag, to talk about how the LP came together. You may know Jag from, WTCHS, or from the many many other bands he has been involved in (Sailboats are White, Low Frequency Pilot, The Royal School Series, Pneumatic Transit, Cessna, Gasoline Gathers Hands Gathers Friends)

Q –  Congratulations on your new LP! What was the inspiration behind this most recent release?
We wanted to  do a release with our best friend Scott Johnson (a.k.a. TOA), and being that half of WTCHS plays in GGHGF (Gasoline Gathers Hands Gathers Friends) with Scott it was only fitting, a ‘family affair’ if you will.

Q – You guys always have really styled and well designed artwork on your posters, EP / LP covers, etc. Who is the artist behind all of this?
Those are done by JUNK (Matthew Junkin), who does guitar and vocals in our band. He is one of my favourite artists in town.

Q –  You guys have a large following, and what’s interesting to me is that a lot of people who don’t typically listen to traditionally ‘heavy’ music – really like you guys. You are something of a cross over band, in that respect. What do you think it is about your people that attracts such a wide musical audience?
I think it is our huge wide musical influences, we just make the music that comes naturally to us. One person brings an idea to the table for a song and each of us creates our own parts to add to the whole.  It comes out as you hear it:  WTCHS

Q –  Tell us about your recent tour? How did it go? What’s the best thing that happened while you were on tour?
We went on our first ever tour back in February. Having had a lot of experience touring myself, I wanted something different this time around. We found  unique and off the beaten path venues, and places where I feel most of the magic happens and is experienced. Venues like house shows, art co-ops,  and an ex-hells angels bar that couldn’t have been more romantic – with  peanut shell lined floors with slot machines and a make shift stage made of skids. We made money, go figure, and with that money we put towards this new 7″, and the best thing that happened. Aside from all the wonderful relationships we’ve made, getting arrested and soaking up alcohol,  it was the bonding between us all which was a true testament that we/WTCHS are just a bunch of friends doing what we love to do

Q –  What are you listening to these days?
Aside from a never ending Smiths obsession – a lot of Each Other, Soupcans, Thoughts On Air, and the tapes of friends we’ve made along the way including:  Roberta Bondar, and Couples.

Q –  What do you guys have planned, musically, for the rest of 2013?
We have a full length record coming out in September on Out of Sound Records. We also have another 7″ split to round out the year. As for shows, it never stops, and why would we want it to? It’s  like i’ve said before, it’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

Thanks, Jag!