Hamilton’s Terra Lightfoot has just released a beautiful video for her song “All Alone”. Shot in the glorious highlands of Scotland this relatively simple video does away with fancy edits and effects and lets the gorgeous natural locations shine. The rugged and beautiful landscape is a great match for Terra’s equally rugged and beautiful song.

One of the things that makes Terra Lightfoot so damn likeable is the fact that her beautiful songs always have a rock undercurrent of kicking ass. No matter how subtle – it’s there.

“All Alone” is a song from Terra’s most recent record ‘Every Time My Mind Runs Wild’. Listen on SoundCloud.

Terra’s thoughts on the video and her time in Scotland:

“We visited a hidden beach, a cemetery, a bog full of petrified wood, a castle, some sheep, and finally a dreamy waterfall. During the shoot, Angus mentioned that he and his wife had arranged to get a new puppy. We had such an amazing time and the next day they asked whether I would mind if they named their new pet “Terra”. I happily agreed. The Scottish highlands will always hold a piece of my heart and I’m so glad we were able to capture that sense of awe on film.”