The frontwoman of the amazing, The Internet, has gone solo and is injecting a much needed shot of life to the current r’n’b scene. The Internet, a cool neo-soul project, was one of my favourite groups and way before that Syd (then known as Syd tha Kyd) was one of the more interesting figures in Odd Future.

Syd succeeds where most fail in this genre – namely in the song writing and beat department. A lot of the new r’n’b music these days sounds like poor tributes to either The Weeknd or Aliyah, some of it is good, but when its bad its really bad. Syd, on the other hand, has kept some of the great song construction from The Internet and has added a lever of sultriness by focusing on her vocals.

All About Me is the new single off Syd’s recent debut album, Fin.

Here’s another single from the same new album.