Hamilton’s WTCHS are one of the most exciting bands to come out in the last few years. They are loud, intense, heavy, and impressive. While their recorded material is fantastic as it is, seeing this band live is really where the true genius of the music comes out. Check out an in depth interview with front-man Jag from a little while ago.

Don’t miss WTCHS at Supercrawl.

Q –  We are really excited to have you play Supercrawl this year. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word “HAMILTON”?

Q – Who are you looking forward to seeing at Supercrawl?
My parents in the audience.

Q –  Where are you most likely to be spotted at a music festival? (gallery, food trucks, beer tent, on some plush grass, in a café, music venue, by a stage, side walk, back alley, etc etc)
In the middle of the crowd.

Q –  What is the best thing your parents listened to when you were growing up?
Supertramp’s Live In Paris.

Q – Do you ever listen to a song and think, ‘Damn, that’s perfection. I wish I could have worked on that’? What is that song?
‘Shout At The Devil’ by Motley Crue

Q –  What is the most inspiring, or most memorable, show you’ve attended in the last little while?
Every single one.  When all 4 of us come together it’s ‘belle magie’

Q –  What’s your idea of the perfect day off?

Q –  Where do you draw your musical inspiration from?
From within.  It’s embedded in me.  It’s all I think about it.  It’s all I do.  It’s all I wanna do.

Q –  What is the last thing that crosses your mind before you get on stage?
Don’t fuck up.

Q –  What are you listening to lately? Can you recommend a track for us to check out?
Thoughts On  Air till I die.

Q –  What’s the best thing you did all summer?
Found ‘Candyland’

Q –  What do you have planned for the fall / winter, musically speaking?
WTCHS will be on tour this fall on the east coast with friends Whoop-Szo.  We’ve been working on our new record all summer and will continue to do so up until next spring.

Thanks, Jag !