The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer (Shawn ‘The Harpoonist’ Hall and Matthew ‘The Axe Murderer’ Rogers) are a blend of harmonicas, a mess of foot percussion, and a road-worn Telecaster. Their influences range from the iconic songwriting of Willie Dixon to the boundary pushing of Jack White and Danger Mouse but their sound is distinctly their own, smothered in greasy, gritty soul and imbued with funk. Shawn Hall provides the rousing, rugged vocals and blues harmonica, while Matthew Rogers rips on the guitar and pounds the skins with his feet.

See Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer at Supercrawl: Sunday, September 13th @ 3:00pm. Miller/Exclaim! Stage

Q –  We are really excited to have you play Supercrawl this year. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word “HAMILTON”?
Jim Cuddy’s after party at the Junos

Q – Who are you looking forward to seeing at Supercrawl? 
Royal Canoe,  one of our favourite bands in Canada.

Q –  Supercrawl is an arts festival and besides the awesome music, the festival has all sorts of visual artists showing their work. Do you dabble in any other arts besides music?
Shawn: I colour in my kids colouring books at restaurants. Matt: paints nude portraights

Q – How would you compare playing a regular show to playing at a festival?
At a regular show 70% are watching the band 30% are picking up, at a good festival you can’t tell one from the other.

Q –  If you could put on your music festival what would be on your ‘must have’ list? (Alternately: If you have been involved in putting together your own festival – what did you have that you were proud of?)
Must have napping tents for musicians, Free food & booze for musicians or at a reduced price. Have docking stations that transmit the show live via bluetooth so that people could lie down and listen to the show on their headphones while star gazing. More portapotty’s, more massage tents. House all musicians at the same hotel..this keeps the wild things happy.

Q –  If you could do a band/musician swap with another band/musician for a day and get to play their music at a live show – who would that be?
Shawn: I’d play Hammond for the Deep Dark woods and enjoy life at a slower BPM. Matt: the same

Q –  In your opinion – what was the  ‘summer jam’ of 2015?
The lineup of Saskatoon Jazz with Steve Hill, Us, and Matt Andersen…his 10 piece band was Sirring!

Q –  What’s the best thing you did all summer?
Swim at Nymph falls for a day in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island

Q –  Where do you draw your musical inspiration from?
People that aren’t afraid to bend their bodies past their comfort zone in order to dig a little deeper in their wells for some crazy shit be it sad, happy, lustful, i.e. Folks like Tanya Tagac

Q –  What is the last thing that crosses your mind before you get on stage?
I hope i don’t sneeze boogies while playin the harp tonight. 😉

Q –  What are you listening to lately? Can you recommend a track for us to check out?
Like a lot of folks im really diggin on Leon Bridges, Tame Impala for driving, Esther Philips for the real deal in Soul singers.

Q –  What do you have planned for the fall / winter, musically speaking?
Lots of Cameos i.e. Price is Right, Conan etc..Matt’s having a Baby, working on new album material possibly in Banff.

Thank You!