Supercrawl 2015 was starting this time last week. Here we are a week later, all dried off, ear-drums restored, and looking forward to next year.  I hung out at Supercrawl all weekend but did not take my camera out to take photos of everything because I couldn’t risk my precious camera getting ruined in the rain. I relied on Instagram and Twitter to share photos and videos from under the safety of my umbrella.  We didn’t get as many people into the downtown as we have in previous festivals but there were many more people than I thought would come out and brave the rain. I haven’t seen the official numbers yet but I was consistently impressed with the amount of people on the street all weekend. Having less people at the festival meant that I could go into every gallery and see the art, speak to people, and generally access everything a lot easier than I’ve been able to in the past. The huge numbers of people at previous Supercrawls has been a little anxiety inducing at times and it certainly made it difficult to get into tiny galleries. The rain keeping some people back ended up being something of a nice treat. I saw every gallery and that typically doesn’t happen.

In terms of the music my personal highlights were: Viet Cong, Sharon Jones, The Sadies, and Rah Rah.  My favourite local shows were by Pet Sun, High Kites, and Terra Lightfoot. Everything was more-or-less great but Viet Cong and Sharon Jones brought that festival magic we were all waiting for. Both shows were incredibly powerful in different ways. Viet Cong was the most intense band that played over the weekend and they happened to play during the heaviest rain and right before all of the stages were temporarily suspended on the Saturday night. Being in the midst of so much rain and a large crowd going crazy over Viet Cong’s intense music was very special. Sharon Jones is a legend and it was a really special treat to get to see such a world-class entertainer put on an amazing show downtown Hamilton.  We had the Daptones review showcase during Supercrawl last year and that was a personal highlight as well but I will say that Sharon Jones blew everyone out of the water.

Other notes: Smalls americanos are amazing, the concert posters displayed at Centre3 were incredible, and I loved the shows at HAVN, Artists Inc Gallery, and the Factory for Media Arts.