‘Confessions’ is the first single from London (UK), Toronto, and Vancouver based group, Suffer The Children. This track is a mix of introspective and moody electronica, and pop, and its got a nice lush feel to it. The vocals on this song are quite nice and they hammer in message that you can basically take your apology and shove it unless it’s accompanied by regret for the action.

Suffer The Children is made up of Chin Injeti, Rian Peters, and Shallom Johnson.


From the group:

Peters wants the project to demonstrate that one doesn’t have to be afraid of themselves artistically. “You can step outside of the box, you can be yourself,” he insists, “because I’ve been there before. When I started making music, I was myself. There was no rules, there was no boundaries, I just made music because I loved it. And I got deeper into it and you get told a lot of stuff, that ‘you should do this, you should be this way, you should look this way, you should make this type of music, you should follow in this person’s footsteps.’ And it just kind of destroys people’s souls, because you’re not making or creating what you truly want to create.”

You can find this song on Spotify