Not only is Emay one of the most interesting rappers in Hamilton, he is easily one of the most interesting rappers in Canada.  Emay (Mubarik Adams) makes beats, produces tracks, and has been involved in the rap scene in a lot of ways over the past few years. Emay has a great ear and comes up with killer beats and samples. What really matters above all is that Emay is a terrific rapper with a great flow and clever lyrics. Emay is also a class act and has always stood out as one of the nicest guys at the rap show.

Combining intelligent introspective lyrics with cool beats, Emay, has a real gem on his hands with “Who Am I?”. This is an excellent song that could go toe-to-toe with anything Shad has put out in the past few years.

Look out for Emay’s upcoming EP, Sinner, Songwriter, which is set to release on December 16th.