Montreal’s Saxsyndrum is an electronic jazz deconstructionist trio who have just put out a new single. This is pretty much the type of music I’m always hoping to hear when someone mentions ‘experimental jazz’. I’ve been burned too many times in the past by ‘exciting new takes on jazz’ that turn out to be boring endless freeform jazz skiddlee-dee-doos that are really only exciting to the people playing. This avant garde style of pop music is unlike anything else you’ve heard. It is really catchy and it makes a huge impact.  In particular the crisp stops and starts and the looping beats in this song give it a very exciting vibe. The song has enough of a structure to contain all of the different elements without feeling claustrophobic and too controlled. “Up To You” strikes the exact right balance of musical chaos. Shoutouts to jazz students at college – make music like this.

Looking forward to more from Saxsyndrum.