Hamilton-based one-man Canadian indie rock institution, The Dill (Dylan Hudecki) is premiering a brand new single today off his recent release “Greetings From (The Dill)”. 

This video was made by Garth Jackson (Trouble Light Films), a music video director and documentary film maker from Windsor. The video was shot all over downtown Hamilton as well as Windsor. The cold and bleak post-industrial landscapes these two cities offer create a striking mood for the video. Life is hard and difficult things will happen but we must keep hope alive somehow.

Dylan’s vocals and song writing skills really shine on this track. Tonally, the vocals are killer and show a glimpse of what Dylan’s voice can do. The lyrics themselves are very evocative and bring across that certain feeling most of us have experienced: something like when you are tired from arguing with someone dear to you and then the fight stops and you realize you have to move forward somehow. 

Hear from from The Dill.

Feature photo by: Tara Smith