1paula perri

Paula Perri is a lovely Hamiltonian, with a lovely voice. She’s got a beautiful voice that somehow makes her performances feel genuine and intimate. If you can appreciate a great singer – song writer, you should definitely check Paula out at Supercrawl.
Paula is performing on Friday, September 13th – 6:00pm – on the Dr. Disc stage.

We caught up with Paula to ask her some questions and to learn more about her.

Q –  We are really excited to have you play Supercrawl this year. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word “HAMILTON”?
Home. I grew up here, my family is here, it’s familiar and that feels good.

Q –  Where are you most likely to be spotted at a music festival? (gallery, food trucks, beer tent, on some plush grass, in a café, music venue, by a stage, side walk, back alley, etc etc)
Running in between stages trying to watch as many performances as I can.

Q – What is the best thing your parents listened to when you were growing up?
My Mom had the Chaka Demus and The Pliers cassette tape with “Murder She Wrote” on it and it was amazing. It was the first time I heard reggae music and I remember being so taken by the sounds. I would dance to that cassette until the tape wore out. My Dad is a great guitar player, so he was always playing a lot of old school blues and that stuff just hits you where it counts.

Q –  What’s your favourite rap song?
Whatta Man – Salt N Pepa

Q –  Do you ever listen to a song and think, ‘Damn, that’s perfection. I wish I could have worked on that’? What is that song?
I feel that way about every song on Ryan Adam’s “Easy Tiger” record. It’s perfect.

Q – What is the most inspiring, or most memorable, show you’ve ever attended?
I have a 3 way tie: #1. Fleetwood Mac at the ACC. Stevie Knicks is my spirit animal and the biggest babe.  Lindsey Buckingham did  this guitar solo that was the most beautiful and epic thing I have ever seen. #2. Patti Smith at the AGO – her music comes from a place deep inside her that is so moving. She reminds you that music can be a powerful motivator for social change. #3. Explosions in The Sky @ Osheaga – it was outside on a summer night and the lights matched perfectly with the sounds they were creating and it was magic.

Q – What’s your idea of the perfect day off?
Taking a walk, reading, eating cheese and drinking wine with my friends and playing my guitar. Simple.

Q –  What inspires you to make music?
Is it lame to say everything? It’s just a feeling of having to get it out of my head and into the world.

Q – What is the last thing that crosses your mind before you get on stage?
Don’t mess up

Q – What are you listening to a lot this week? Can you recommend a trackfor us to check out?
Laura Mvula – Green Garden
Rhye – Open
Bruce Springsteen. Everything. All the time.

Q –  What’s the best thing you did all summer?
I went to Bracebridge with my family for a few days and it was really special.

Thanks, Paula!