The Tallest Tree is the brand new project of Dawn (of Dawn & Marra) and Armando. Dawn and Armando are married and they make beautiful music together.

“I’ll Be  Your” is the second single from The Tallest Tree – the first one was “Boat“. The sound of these new tracks is decidedly more rock than the folksy sounds of Dawn and Marra. The change is working and the addition of Armando is great, the male vocals compliment the songs nicely. “I’ll Be Your” is a really sweet and catchy song. The song writing is great and Dawn’s vocals shine brightly.

Check it out.

We met a couple years ago when Armando’s band, The Oats, was playing in Canada. 

And that’s when Armando fell in love with Dawn.
Every time Dawn came to visit Mexico City, we would write a new song.
Now Dawn and Armando are married.