Our Sudbury pals The Almighty Rhombus have recently out out a new video for their track Down South, and what a video it is!  Monsters and mascots have never looked as cool as they do in this video. The video is the story of a washed-up monster who trains hard to become the champion of the Monster Olympics and defeat his rival.

This is one of the most eye catching and creative videos that has graced my computer screen in a while. The music video, shot partly at the Laurentian University track, was directed by Shawn Kosmerly.

The guys in The Almighty Rhombus couldn’t possibly be any nicer. The kind energy comes through in the music and in the live shows. Besides being generally nice people – they are great musicians. Their album Lucid Living
is a great example of timeless pop music and I look forward to whatever they release next.

Check out this interview we did with Rhombus a little while ago to learn more about the band, and catch them live during their upcoming East coast tour.