Toronto’s four piece punk explosion, Pup, have been the band to watch since they made their debut not too long ago. They have formed a dedicated audience through a combination of excellent music, fantastic videos, and a relentless tour schedule.

The last time I saw Pup a show I was stunned by the amount of people who knew every word to every song. It was very cool and all Pup shows are like that – their fans love them! And for good reason. Pup are great guys who work hard and make awesome music.  Word around the internet is that Pup played approximately 250 shows last year. They played Europe, North America, they will play the Warped tour this summer, and are currently in Australia.

The video for “Back Against the Wall” features some of this touring glory. This video (below) was put together from GoPro footage of each time the band played “Back Against The Wall”. The energy captured in this video is great. It certainly makes me wish I attended all of those shows.

Keep on kicking ass, and taking names, Pup!