Boy, oh boy, do we have a fun jam for you today! Hamilton’s godfather of Sqweee, the duke of style, and the archbishop of strange one liners – Motëm has a new jam and an amazing video for his track, John Tupac.

This  video was shot by Natan Gullstrom on location in Sweden and the track is produced by Slugabed.  The video features: haydn, yemi, yung gud, and marius mane. This video has it all: gorgeous scenery, cool dance moves, fierce poses, mean mugging, posturing, and boys who just wanna have fun. Motëm seems to be channeling his inner Busta Rhymes with the frantic rapping, and it is amazing.

While everything Motëm creates is pretty much gold, this Motëm that we get in this song is my favourite. The beats are fantastic, the lyrics are clever and strange, and there is an air of good times and positivity that seeps through the music.

Motëm keep the coconut water on deck because the motherfucken people are thirsty.